Maine Association for Infant Mental Health

About the MeAIMH Board

The Board of Directors consists of at least nine (9) members and no more than twenty-five (25) members. Board members are regular members of the Association. An effort is made to include representatives from diverse geographical areas of the state and various disciplines in the selection of directors. At least two months prior to the annual meeting a notice is published in the Newsletter inviting members to submit names to be considered for nomination to the Board.

Directors serve three-year terms. The election of directors occurs at the annual meeting of the Association with a slate of candidates submitted to the membership. Nominations may also be made on the floor.

The Board of Directors manages the business and affairs of the Association and makes all necessary rules and regulations, not inconsistent with law or with the Association’s By-Laws, for the management of business and guidance of the Association, its officers, employees and designated agents.

MeAIMH Board meetings are held monthly and are open to Association members and their guests.


Shannon Bonsey – Bangor, Maine
Pam Caron – Bridgton, Maine
Nena Cunningham – Sidney, Maine
Murielle S. DiBiase – Palermo, Maine
Kate Johnston-Lemire – Casco, Maine
Louise Packness – Portland, Maine
Mark Rains, PhD – Vienna, Maine
Michael Sandberg – Freeport, Maine
Sheri Smith – Veazie, Maine


Cynthia Donaldson – Lamoine, Maine

MeAIMH Executive Coordinator

Debra Nugent Johnston – Greene, Maine

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