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November Topic of Interest

Early Language Matters: In general conversation, we often talk about communication and language interchangeably. They absolutely overlap; communication is a form of language and language is a part of communication, but they are not entirely the same.

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May Topic of Interest

Presence and Perspective: In the chaos of the world we are living in today I find the challenge that rises to the top of my heap across settings and interactions with others of all ages is to be present and consider the perspectives of others.

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March Topic of Interest

Polyvagel Theory How can parents help soothe stress in infants and build their capacity for attachment, self-regulation, social engagement, and resilience? Of all the many ways to understand this, one article that transforms how we look at relationships and stress response systems is “Neuroception” by Stephen Porges. 

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December Topic of Interest

Social Emotional Learning (SEL), what is it?  Why is this so important for growth and development within a child’s life, and why are schools, communities embracing this now as our world continues to go through changes.

November Topic of Interest

Supporting the Development of Self-Regulation in Children”…Recently the world of early childhood education has once again been echoing with terms like self-regulation, executive functioning, and social skills. This is a welcome moment! Not that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and literacy are not important, but, rather, that it is once again being realized that success academically, socially, and personally is more dependent on these “soft skills” than it is on the content of the knowledge being taught and learned!

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October Topic of Interest

Perinatal Psychology”….Birth psychology, also known as pre and perinatal psychology, embraces an expanded perspective of early development from the baby’s point of view from conception through the first year of life. As such this multi-disciplinary field considers our earliest experiences and relationships, from life’s very beginning, as foundational in shaping who we are and the world we live in. As Thomas Verney believed “Womb ecology becomes world ecology”.

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