Maine Association for Infant Mental Health

Maine Association for Infant Mental Health (MeAIMH) is a non-profit organization focused on the health and well being of infants and their families. The organization is administered by a Board of Directors and an Executive Coordinator.

MeAIMH Vision

The vision of the Maine Association for Infant Mental Health is to be an organization of advocacy and a catalyst for change whose purpose and message are readily understood. Children’s Healthy Early Relationships Invite Success and Hope #CHERISH

MeAIMH Mission

The mission of the Maine Association for Infant Mental Health is to promote through education and advocacy, healthy early relationships and their vital importance to infants, children, and their families.

MeAIMH Belly


October 7th, 2022

Lake Region Vocational Center Naples, Maine

You Shape Me
Where our Story Begins

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Featuring Pam Caron MSN, LSW, PPNE

Target Audience: Pediatricians, parents, neonatologists, midwives, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, doulas, occupational/physical therapists, home visitors, body workers, lactation specialists, early childhood educators, advocates, and ALL who work with birthing families and families with young infants. CEU credits will be available.

Additional Presenters:
Michael Trout, M.A: (Author of Hallowed Ground)
Susan Highsmith, PHD (Author of The Fairytale Collection)
Barbara Decker: HBCE, PPNE, Certified Prenatal Bonding
Registration materials will be available through e-mail, postal mail, and here on our website.

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May Topic of Interest

Presence and Perspective: In the chaos of the world we are living in today I find the challenge that rises to the top of my heap across settings and interactions with others of all ages is to be present and consider the perspectives of others.

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What is Infant Mental Health?

Infant mental health is an inter-disciplinary field of research, clinical practice and public policy-making concerned with maximizing the emotional, physical, social and cognitive well-being of zero to five year old children and their caregivers.

Infant mental health assumes that:

All babies begin life with their own unique temperament, maturational schedule, and individual differences.
Human relationships are powerful conditioners of infant development.
Environmental influences also impact heavily on the development of infants.
Parenthood is a developmental process, and parents also grow.
Risk, coping, and capacity to master adversity are important factors in the development of infants.
Early intervention is the best kind of prevention.
Infant mental health is important because:

It is the basis for personality development.
It influences the infant/young child’s view of the world.
It influences the balance between attachment, interaction, and exploratory systems.
It influences the development of a child’s full potential, empathy, and morals.

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